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Tired of automated home value estimates that don't reflect your property's real value?

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Automated calculators don't truly take into account:

  • The current condition of your home
  • Valuable improvements you have made
  • The view from your condo or home which can have a huge impact on the market value
  • Amenities and prices in your subdivision vs properties in nearby subdivisions
  • Many other local factors

If you are just casually curious about your property's value, an automated estimator might satisfy your needs, and here's one you can use.

But if you are thinking about selling, it is critical to get a realistic estimation of your property's value. The most accurate estimate of a property's value is generally obtained by hiring a reputable local appraiser. Give us a call at (727) 619-2799 if you'd like us to put you in touch with a local appraiser. There is a cost associated with this option.

The next best thing is to find a local real estate agent and get a custom valuation of your home. An experienced local real estate agent knows the local market in a way that an automated system cannot. They will take into account the actual condition of your property, improvements, things like water views, and neighborhood amenities that affect value. This will allow you to get a realistic estimate of your home's value in today's market.

One of our local area experts would be happy to help you by providing a free, no-obligation estimate of your home's value. Please give us a call at (727) 619-2543 or use the form below.

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