Why Your Condo's Condition Matters

When you are selling your condo, the condition can have a dramatic impact on the price you get for your condo and how long it takes to sell. Also, most buyers will want an inspection, so it really pays to take the right steps to prepare your condo. Here are some tips for preparing your condo for an inspection, and for the sales process.

It's a good idea to do this before you actually put your condo on the market - you only get one chance to make a great first impression. Be sure to use a reputable contractor - give us a call if you would like some recommendations.

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Tips For Preparing Your Condo for Sale

  • Exchange light bulbs to LED or brighter bulbs
  • Patch up all walls, ceiling, or mortar cracks, and be sure to repaint
  • Clean all appliances and be sure they work correctly
  • Caulk & seal any windows or doors that need sealing
  • Have A/C cleaned & serviced by a professional company/ change filters
  • Move everything away from the electrical panel box and the water heater
  • Check all windows, making sure they all work properly
  • Caulk & seal tubs and showers
  • Check all GFCI outlets and make sure they function
  • Collect all paperwork for any work that had been done to your condo, warranty information, manuals, furnace inspections, receipts for roof repairs, etc. that the buyer may ask for and want to have or review.

Please give us a call at 727-619-2799 or use our easy contact form below to get in touch.

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