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Popular Dunedin Restaurants

Bon Appetit in Dunedin Florida
Enjoy elegant waterside dining at the Bon Appetit Restaurant in Dunedin Florida
Wild Iris Cafe in Downtown Dunedin Fl
This video is about the Wild Iris Cafe in beautiful Downtown Dunedin. Learn about it from a Michele Morris a Dunedin Resident and our local real estate expert.

Some Things To Do In Dunedin

Edgewater Park in Dunedin Florida
Want to visit a beautiful waterfront park in Dunedin Florida? Edgewater Park has great views and two wonderful playgrounds for the kids.
Dunedin - Weaver Park
Get to know this popular waterfront park in Dunedin Florida.
Midnight Madness At The MLK Center In Dunedin FL
Looking for some wholesome things to do for teens in Dunedin Florida. Midnight Madness is a monthly event at the MLK Center designed for our teens.
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