Minimum Rental Periods Explained

Minimum Rental Period

I think sometimes we as realtors forget that what we say is not what the customer is hearing or understanding. I was talking to a customer this week about minimum lease periods for condos. What they thought they wanted was a condo with a 7 day minimum rental period.

So we spent a couple of days looking. At the end of the second day, she was discouraged because that type of condo is just harder to find than one with a one-month or three-month minimum rental period. There are just less of them to choose from.

So it occurred to me to ask if we could look at maybe one-month rentals and that would open up her choices of condos. She initially said no because her family could not stay a month when they visited.

Eye-opening! She did not know that friends and family can come and go as much as you like! (unless stated differently in the condo docs). But, generally, unless you are doing a lease and taking rental money unpaid guests are welcome for any time period.

Friends and family come on down!


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