How Our 11 Step Home Buying Process Helps You

1). Buyer Consultation — We do a thorough buyer consultation with every buyer to ensure we fully understand their needs and priorities. This ensures that we can find them the best home and value to fit their needs. The consultation is based on an interview process that not only helps find you the best home for your needs, but it also saves you time makes the buying process more fun.

2). Financial Pre-Qualification — If you need financing, we can introduce you to lenders who have great service and competitive rates. The My Gulf Coast Property Team has helped a lot of buyers and we have great working relationships with these lenders to assure that you get the very best service and competitive rates.

3). Market Analysis — If you are buying a condo or single-family home in our area, you will want to know about local market conditions. We follow local real estate trends on pricing, inventory, and supply and demand and will share this information with you and explain how it affects the buying process.

4). Property Search — We have a deep knowledge of the market, relationships with top agents, and powerful search tools that we will use to identify the best properties to fit your needs.

5). Comparison Analysis — Once we identify the best home for you, we do a Competitive Market Analysis, looking at recent sales, other active listings, and expired listings to help us guide you in selecting the right offer price.

6). Offer Preparation — We will create a written offer for the home that fits your needs. To protect you and best serve your needs, we only make offers in writing on the most current contract forms. We have the latest online contract options and tools to manage this process.

7). Negotiations — We use our experience and knowledge of the market to fight for the best price and terms for our buyers.

8). Contract Support — Our administrative support has processes to follow up on all the details and dates to get us from contract to closing, including loan approval, inspection, appraisal, review of the HUD, just to name a few.

9). Closing Preparation — We stay in regular contact with the bank and title company to help ensure all items are submitted correctly and on time.

10). Closing Assistance — One of our representatives is there for you at the closing table.

11). Post Closing Support — We are here in the area and happy to give you information about the area and vendors you might want to use to maintain or improve your home.

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