Work from Home Tips

Dedicated Office SpaceDedicated Office Space

Create a bright and welcoming work area to help stay focused. Having a designated space for your office will help jumpstart you into a work mentality and separate your business life from your personal life. Make sure to keep comfortable with a proper chair or standing desk to avoid back pain and ample light to prevent eye strain.


Take time to plan and schedule your day with designated work hours to stay on track. Making lists and time blocking can help focus your workday and get tasks done efficiently. It is easy to get side-tracked by household chores and personal to-do's while at home - but keeping to a routine or schedule can help create a productive workflow. Make sure to schedule dedicated breaks too!

Get DressedGet Dressed

Wearing pajamas to work can be nice - but taking the time to get dressed and ready before work can help motivate you and trigger you into a work mindset. Healthy routines and self-care can add that positive push you need to start your day and conquer work tasks. So wash your face, brush your hair, change your clothes, and take on the workday with confidence. Also - with today's technology - you never know when a surprise video meeting will be called!


Communication is key. Stay connected with your team and let them know the status of projects and tasks on a daily basis. Transitioning to a remote business model will likely have bumps and create questions. Having group chats or video meetings - will keep everyone on the same page and keep timelines on track.

Also, make sure to socialize! Send funny emails or have themed Zoom meetings to keep in touch with your work family.

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