Wild Iris Cafe in Dunedin Fl

The Wild Iris Cafe is a wonderful local restaurant in scenic Downtown Dunedin Florida. Michele Morris, a Dunedin resident and our local Dunedin real estate expert, shares some video clips from a recent visit.

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Michele Morris our Dunedin ExpertHi, I wanted to share this great restaurant that we just had lunch at. It's called Wild Iris in downtown Dunedin.

They're open Tuesday through Sunday, from eight to three, they have breakfast, coffee, tea, great breakfast. They also have a great lunch menu, kids' menu, desserts, just a wonderful place to check out.

They've got seating inside and outside in the shade. Just a great little atmosphere, definitely worth going to, great food, great service.

Also, you can take a nice little stroll through downtown when you're done, do a little shopping. You're only a couple of blocks from the water, so that makes it nice as well. And the Pinellas Trail, you can go for a nice long walk.

People are always asking me for recommendations for places to eat. So definitely worth checking out Wild Iris in downtown Dunedin.

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