Treasure Island Things to Do

By Jami McAfee

Treasure Island Waterfront Dog ParkWhen my husband and I first moved to Treasure Island, we did a lot of exploring! We have a four-legged baby, or dog Lady, and we wanted to find some pet-friendly beaches we could take her to. One day when we were at the southernmost point of Treasure Island, we found a beautiful small beach, right beside Land’s End Condo. There were a few people there with their dogs, several people had pulled up by boat and anchored. No one had their dogs on leashes, but all got along and were playing on the beach. We were happy to find such a beautiful beach we could take our dog to! Be sure to bring poop bags, as they are not provided.

Dog Beach in Treasure Island FloridaIt’s a quiet beach and the water is always super clear, but we have found that when the tide is up, it is non-existent, so be sure to go when the tide is down! There is also a boardwalk that stretches around the bend to the Gulf, which is great to take a stroll on, just be careful during the summer, it gets very hot. This is by far our favorite beach to take our dog to. We love the Honeymoon Island and Fort De Sotos’s dog beaches as well, but sometimes they are way too busy, and it makes our dog nervous!

Map of Location Near Lands End Condos

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