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Hello. I’m Morgan Preston - and I’m a Realtor with Coastal Properties Group and the My Florida Coastal Team. I specialize in the vibrant Downtown St Pete area - here in Sunny Florida. If you haven’t visited this gem of a city yet - I highly recommend you plan a trip. I am confident you’ll fall in love with this beautiful social city - just as I did. One of the most popular attractions and must-see stops I recommend visting is The Downtown St Pete Pier! This beautiful 26-acre waterfront masterpiece is packed full of entertainment and delicious restaurants. Along with its breathtaking views of Tampa Bay and the St Pete city skyline - the pier is complete with a splash pad, discovery center, marketplace, beach, and 6 different restaurants. It truly is a go-to spot for both locals and tourists alike.

Pier Location

The entrance of the pier is located at the intersection of Bayshore Dr and 2nd Ave N in downtown St Pete. You can find paid parking on the pier itself or along the surrounding waterfront.

First Stop - Restaurants!

Frescos Waterfront Bistro

At the entrance of the pier is one of my favorite restaurants - Frescos Waterfront Bistro. They have a delicious menu focusing on Italian and Seafood dishes - with a bit of a cajun/creole twist. Frescos has a Pet-friendly waterfront dining deck and even a few boat slips reserved for guests. So just pull up by water and enjoy a drink at one of their bars or stay on your boat and enjoy dockside service.

Hops and Props

Across the way from Frescos is another great stop for food and drinks. Hops and Props! This quaint craft beer tap house features wonderful local beers and quick bites to eat. So don’t forget to “Grab a beer before you walk the pier!”


If you visit the pier on the weekend between 10:00 am – 6:00 pm you’ll find a colorful array of local vendors down the main gateway. You can browse unique gifts under the beautifully designed solar canopy as you stroll down the pier. I have found amazing soaps, handmade jewelry, delicious jams, local art, and even a sylish hat for my dog.

St Pete Museum of History

If you want to learn some interesting local History - stop in the St. Pete Museum of History located just beyond the pier entrance. This museum has had some beautiful upgrades throughout the year but it has been located here since 1920. Inside you’ll find interactive exhibits, priceless artifacts and a gift shop featuring local artists.

Long Pier & Tram

You’ll notice there is a convenient tram that runs up and down the pier. The Pier itself is just over a half-mile long and can feel even longer on those extra sunny days. So just hop on and catch a quick ride to one of the many stops along the way.

Echelman Art

As you make your way down the pier you’ll surely notice the gorgeous “Bending Arc” sculpture. This breathtaking moving art was designed by Janet Echelman - a Tampa native known for her massive flowing net installations. Her work can be found all over the world and shape shapeshifts with the natural surroundings. Day or night - it’s truly spectacular to witness this beautiful art.

Playground & Scenic Sitting areas

Right next to the Bending Arc is the Glazer family playground. This cheerful nautical-themed park will surely entertain your little ones. You can find a picnic table or shaded seats nearby to enjoy some snacks and watch the kids play.

Middle Pier. Spa Beach Bistro

Towards the middle of the Pier you will find another quick stop for food and treats. The Spa Beach Bistro. They serve a variety of delicious pizzas, refreshing cold drinks, and ice cream. They have plenty of outdoor seating conveniently located between the playground and splash pad.

Splash Pad and Spa Beach

The splash pad on the pier is obviously a kid favorite stop - but even older generations cool off in the refreshing jetted water. This great interactive fountain is almost always full of smiling kiddos with their adult supervision close by. I recommend picnicking on the grassy tilted lawn or relax in the sand under a Spa Beach cabana. Both areas are just a few steps away from the splash pad and give you amazing views of the city and Tampa Bay.

Doc Fords & Discovery Center

Across the way from Spa Beach, on the south side of the pier - is Doc Fords Rum Bar and Grille. A lively waterfront restaurant with a delicious menu. They have a great Rum selection and their food features authentic Caribbean flavors that are popular around Florida. At night you can catch live music and enjoy views of the Downtown city lights.

Just passed Doc Fords - you’ll see the pier Discovery Center. Stop in to enjoy their interactive touch tank and learn how you can help conserve and protect our beautiful Tampa Bay.

Pier Teaki, Teak and Driftwood Cafe

The Pier Point is highlighted by this beautifully designed building that features 3 more restaurant options. The bottom level consists of Driftwood Cafe for casual snacks and ice cream. The middle floor is the elegant Teak restaurant with upscale options. And the rooftop is Pier Teaki lounge with flavorful drinks and breathtaking city views.

Gift Shop. Fishing and Bait cart.

At the end of the Pier you’ll also find a great gift shop to pick up a memorable souvenir and a spacious fishing deck to cast out a line. There even is a fish cleaning table to help prep your catch! Bring your own gear or just head over to Jims Bait and Tackle for all your supplies.

Summing Up

The Downtown St Pete Pier is truly a beautiful place. Full of fun and activities for all ages. It is open to the public - 30 min before sunrise and closes at 11 pm. Check out the Pier website for more information and start planning a day to visit!

I hope this quick tour helped spark your interest and that you’ll get to enjoy this wonderful attraction soon. I truly love all the art, food, and stunning views the Downtown St Pete Pier has to offer - and believe you will too. I encourage you to plan a day to relax and unwind at Spa Beach. Or visit the bars or splash pad for some fun and play. Day or night - the pier is a great place to spend some time.

If you end up loving the area - and want to call Downtown St Pete home - check out our MyGulfCoastProperty.come website to browse properties nearby. There are wonderful condo buildings just a few blocks away or find a quaint single-family home in the neighboring Old Northeast community.

Call or text me at 727-477-8739 or email me at [email protected] any time and I’d be happy to help further!

My Florida Coastal Team

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