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Earth Fare In Seminole Florida

Earth Fare in Seminole from Parking LogA new market is in town, and it is AMAZING! Earth Fare opened in October 2016 at: 7774 113th ST N, Seminole Fl 33772 and it is definitely something you want to check out. We had the pleasure of having lunch there today for their Wednesday special which is $5.oo sushi, and it was super fresh and so good! They make all their sushi there, and if there is something you want but do not see it, let them know and they will make it for you! We used to get sushi from Publix, and Earth Fare’s was leaps and bounds better. They also have a special on Tuesday’s which is two slices of pizza for $4.00. The pizza looked delicious and they were very generous slices. So we will be back to check that out for sure.

Local and Organic ProduceWe did not actually do any grocery shopping today, but did walk around a couple of times and we were impressed. There was an olive bar, salad bar, fresh soups, cookies by the pound, large juice bar, nice selection of pre-prepared meals, huge wall of different spices and candies, and a bakery that smelt so delightful. There was also a wide variety of meats and seafood, and a tasty selection of cheeses and the fruits and vegetables we all bright and colorful and looked fresh.

Lots of Fish and Meat ChoicesIf you did not know, Earth Fare’s food is free from products containing high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, artificial fats and trans fats, artificial colors and sweeteners, as well as synthetic growth hormones in fresh meat and dairy. Earth Fare It is just a great change from all the grocery stores we are familiar with and has so much to offer. In this blog we did not even come close to what you will find there, so please check out their website for everything we missed as well as their specials they have going on.

Please give us a call at 727-619-2799 or use our easy Contact Us form to get in touch.

Location: 7774 113th ST N, Seminole Fl 33772


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