Pros & Cons Of Living In St Pete Fl

Pros Of Living In St Petersburg, Florida

Beautiful Beaches

St. Pete Beach was voted the #1 Beach in the US by TripAdvisor in 2021. It truly is a beautiful spot to soak up some fun in the sun. There are miles of soft white sand, surf shops, restaurants, watersports, and lodging along the beachfront. The historic pink Don Cesar Hotel is a great stop for a spa day or find Jimmy B’s Beach Bar for delicious drinks and live music. If St. Pete Beach is not for you - you can try one of our other wonderful beaches like Madeira, Clearwater, or Treasure Island which are just a short drive away.
St Pete Beach


You can find all walks of life in St. Pete coming together to enjoy the gorgeous city. There are activities for all age groups and wonderful cultural events throughout the year. St. Pete’s Super Greek Festival, Latin Dance Classes on the Pier, and Reggae Rise Up Music Festival are just to name a few.

Convenient Central Location

St. Pete is a prime location with close access to some of Florida’s best attractions. Residents are just a quick drive to over 35miles of pristine beaches, and only about 1 ½ hour drive to Disney World and Universal Studios. Depending on the traffic of course. Tampa and Sarasota are only a 30-45 minute drive away as well. St. Pete is well connected with interstates and bridges making travel easier than imagined considering it is on a peninsula mostly surrounded by water.

No State Income Tax

Florida does not have pesky state income taxes to pay each year like most of the 50 states. This certainly saves money for homeowners and business entrepreneurs looking to live in the area. We also have great “Homestead” tax benefits helping those who have a primary residence here with property taxes.

Great Parks/ Nature Trails

St. Pete is home to many lush parks and nature preserves. Downtown St. Pete’s Vinoy and North Straub Park host wonderful events and have wide walkways for bikers, joggers, or those that enjoy a breezy stroll along the waterfront. For a more secluded adventure - you can check out Weedon Island Preserve or Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. You can explore the tree-covered nature trails and spot exotic birds and wildlife.

Surrounded by Water

With St. Petersburg being a peninsula area- it is almost completely surrounded by water. Tampa Bay is to the East and South - and the Gulf of Mexico and Intracoastal Waterway to the West. You’ll likely catch a gorgeous water view just simply driving around the city. There are countless activities to enjoy along the waterfront, and you can find a kayak, jet ski, or boat rental shop at every turn.
Downtown St Petersburg

Delicious Restaurants

St. Pete has some of the best restaurants and bars in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. Downtown St. Pete is home to over 100 unique restaurants alone! Seafood is certainly a specialty of the area - with many restaurants offering a fresh catch of the day that comes directly from Tampa Bay or the Gulf. Doc Fords Rum Grill, Fresco’s, and Noble Crust are some local favorite eats and come highly recommended.
Frescos Downtown Waterfront Cafe

Celebrates the Arts

There are so many fantastic museums and theatres in St. Petersburg. The Mahaffey Theatre, Dali Museum, and Chihuly Collection are just to name some of the more popular locations. Local artists and craft vendors are also celebrated at seasonal events and weekly markets like the Saturday Morning Market in downtown St. Pete. The city also hosts the SHINE Mural Festival, which also brought colorful, unique murals to buildings throughout St. Pete.

So Much Entertainment

The city of St. Pete truly offers so much entertainment and activities for all age groups and budgets. You can spend a day enjoying the simple beauty of nature at a beach or park. Or explore the downtown St. Pete Pier with its many restaurants, splash pad, and local vendors. There are countless bars to visit, watersports to try, and local events to experience. Indeed, you will not be bored in this entertaining city.

Perfect Winter Weather

Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” offering sunny warm weather almost all year long. St. Pete’s coastal breeze and tropical climate can be wonderful most of the year but truly ideal in the winter months. When the rest of the US is cold and snowy - St. Pete is experiencing perfect blue skies and sunny 70-degree days.

Cons Of Living In St Pete

Snow Birds/Tourism

The news of St. Pete’s wonderful winter weather spread fast, and now there is a large migration of people between November and April. These “snowbirds” flock to the area to spend the holiday season at the beach in sandals rather than in the cold and snow. Locals will notice an increase in traffic and larger beach crowds - but most welcome back their 2nd home/ Snowbird neighbors with a smile!

Rainy Season/Hurricanes

St. Pete’s subtropical weather is beautiful and sunny most of the year - but certainly has some wet, windy days with the occasional tropical storm or hurricane. The area’s rainy season is June - November - but June/July typically has heavier rain and storms. In comparison to the panhandle and the rest of Florida - St. Pete is a lower hurricane risk and hasn’t had a direct hurricane hit since 1921. But certainly, residents should be prepared. Most condos and homes have storm shutters or impact-resistant windows, and roofs are built with high winds in mind.


Being surrounded by the warm waters of the Gulf and Bay - St Pete tends to experience some intense humidity. Mostly during the summer/rainy months - May through September. Temperatures will feel hotter than measured, and the air can feel thick. So if you have curls or finicky hair - plan to embrace the new fluffy look of humidity hair!


It is likely you’ve heard of a ‘Gator’ story in reference to Florida. These prehistoric-looking reptiles are common in the area and love the fresh and brackish wetlands throughout the state. Even though you’ll likely see an alligator in local park ponds - the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the odds of being seriously injured by an unprovoked alligator is only about one in 3.1 million. They monitor large gators in populated areas and advise not to swim or walk too close to lakes and ponds.
Alligator Near St Petersburg Pond

Red Tide

Most years, the Florida Gulf Coast experiences red algae bloom from the microorganism - Karenia Brevis. It is sporadic but typically occurs in the hot summer months. It causes a red discoloration of the surface water and can be a bit stinky. During severe blooms - it can cause breathing and skin irritation if you are close by. The Florida FWC monitors blooms and helps manage marine life that might be harmed by the algae.

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