Madeira Beach Mario's Ristorante Italiano

We've seen Mario's many times on our way to and from Madeira Beach. It had pretty good reviews, so we stopped in for dinner one night on our way to the beach.

We don’t really like being food critics but want to be candid about our experience, so here goes …

Is it a cozy little place with limited seating, warm and inviting. But, unfortunately, our meals were disappointing. The soup was pretty good, but the salad was nothing special. To us, the salad dressing was too strong with too much vinegar. The bread was okay but seemed more like a mass-produced bakery good than something made in-house. 

The main entrees were the biggest disappointment. I had spaghetti with marinara sauce and Italian sausage. Cindy had spaghetti carbonara. The Italian sausage was very bland and had almost no flavor. Cindy's carbonara was very runny and did not have a traditional rich cream and cheese sauce.

It may be too far to go if you're in Madeira, but we must prefer Caesars in Clearwater Beach or Forlini's in the heart of Clearwater Beach. 

I guess we'll have to try out some other talion places closer to Madeira Beach :-) 

Below are some images from our visit.

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