Clearwater Beach Condo Price Comparisons

Condo sales prices on Clearwater Beach vary dramatically depending on location, water views, age of the building, upgrades, amenities, and many other factors. We created the chart below to give you a ballpark idea of how Clearwater Beach condo prices vary by water views and the number of bedrooms. The Intracoastal condo prices are in light blue, and the Beachfront condo prices are in dark blue.

Average Clearwater Beach Condo Prices Sept 2020

As you can see in the above graph, the sale price varies dramatically by view. The Intracoastal condo prices are about 30% to almost 50% lower than beachfront condos. The other big factor is the number of bedrooms. One-bedroom units, on average, are about 30-40% lower than two-bedroom units with similar water views. And three-bedroom units are around twice the price of two-bedroom condos.

Condo prices also vary dramatically by area, so please be sure to contact an experienced local real estate professional as you begin your condo buying journey. You can see all prices for all the latest Clearwater Beach condos for sale on our website.

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