Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St Petersburg Fl

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve is a hidden gem located in St. Petersburg. If you love nature and you love being outside, this is the perfect park for you. 

You'll find several covered pavilions and benches to sit and relax. And right before you get into the main playground there are a few swings for the kids to enjoy. The main playground right before you go onto the trails, it's not really big, but it's really cute.

It's different from a lot of the other playgrounds that we come across in Pinellas County, it's really rustic and it's kind of a nature theme. There's a treehouse with two slides coming out of it. And then there is a cool little obstacle course for the kids to try. It is conveniently located next to the restrooms which every time we have been there the restrooms have been really clean and well-kept.

I would recommend putting your kids in tennis shoes though because the playground is all wood chips. So if they wear flip-flops, it seems to get in their flip-flops and hurt their feet. You'll also find a little educational exhibit right before you get onto the trails. It's also a nice place to go cool off if it's a hot summer day. Kids will really enjoy all the animals they could see and the reptiles.

There's also an aviary with rescue birds which is always really cool to see. And throughout this park, there are 13 trails and loops and I think it's around five to six miles total. We've seen so many different animals, we've seen gators, we've seen snakes, we've seen turtles, birds, raccoons... But make sure you bring lots of water during the summer because the trails get really hot.

All the trails and boardwalks are really well-kept and clean. It does cost a couple of dollars to walk onto the trails. I think under three, the kids are free and I think it was just a couple of dollars for adults and children that are older than three, which is a good deal.

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