Listings & Working With Sellers

The video below provides an overview of how we advertise for seller leads and how to convert those leads to Listing appointments.

Scripts For Engaging and Converting Seller Prospects to Listing Appointments


A prospective seller has done a Google search using a term like “what is my property worth?” that triggers one of our Google Ads to display. They have clicked on the ad and were routed to our Home Valuation website. They entered address and contact info and data into our Home Valuation site

After they entered their address/contact info a rough automated online estimate of the home value and range of expected prices appeared on the screen. They were also emailed a copy of that from Cindy, the Team Lead.

This is a follow-up call to that.

Best Practice

Call as soon as possible - within 5 minutes is ideal. You are much more likely to connect if you call within the first 5 minutes. So speed to call at this point is much more important than doing research.

Call twice - If they do not answer, do not leave a message for that call. Call back and they are more likely to answer on the 2nd call. If there is no answer, leave a message.

Script - Voicemail

Hi this is AgentName with Coastal Properties Group and the My Florida Coastal Team. You were just on our Home Valuation website and we just emailed you a Market Analysis Report of your property. I just wanted to make sure you got the email. Also, I just wanted to ask you a couple of quick questions that could dramatically impact the value of your property.... Please give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx so I can help you with a more accurate evaluation of your property’s value in today's market. Repeat name and phone number slowly and distinctly.

Script - Live Lead

Hi this is AgentName with Coastal Properties Group and the My Florida Coastal Team. Is this LeadName?

Well hi LeadName, you were just on our Home Valuation website and I wanted to let you know a copy of the Market Analysis Report is being emailed to you by Cindy, our Team Lead.

I wanted to check in with you before you looked at it to ask you just a couple of really quick questions that might affect the value of your home … 

Have you done any major improvements to the property? (if so, probe on what)

Could you share with me anything that might be special about your view or location?

Are there any other special features on the property or it’s location that I should be aware of?

Ask other pertinent information based on the conversation or your knowledge of the area - use your judgment, but try to keep it brief, so they don't feel interrogated. But if you are having a great conversation, that's great.

From this you will be able to determine if the owner thinks their property is “special”. Many homeowners like to think their homes/condos are really special.

If NOT Special

LeadName what I’d like to suggest is this, and we’ve done this for lots of sellers in the past … is I’d like to stop by on_____________ in the  ___________ or __________ in the _________ (suggest two choices like: I’d like to stop by on Wed in the morning or Thursday afternoon) 

… and take a quick look at your property. It will only take about 15 minutes … then you’ll have a much better idea of what your property is really worth in today’s market.

How does that sound? 


So which would be better for you, _____________ in the  ___________ or __________ in the _________?

If Special

Wow, that sounds amazing! We use the best Automated valuation programs out there but even that can’t take those kinds of special features into account.

So, …. And use the script above.

And end with 

Your home/condo sounds amazing with the ________________, and ___________ (what they mentioned above like panoramic water views, or new pool, upgraded kitchen, etc. I can’t wait to see in on Day/Time!


Handwritten note with your business card.

If hot lead, you may also want to send Listing Package.


Listing Package

Creating CMA's With Cloud CMA

Seller CMA's

A Comparative Market Assessment (CMA) is a powerful tool to use at a Listing presentation with prospective home or condo sellers. This video provides an overview of how to use Cloud CMA directly in the MLS to easily create an attractive CMA.

A couple of hints not in the video:

  1. If the seller's home is in a large neighborhood, you may want to use a Subdivision search to get a better Apples to Apples comparison. Use the key part of the subdivision name as a Wild Card Search. You may also want to include the City/Cities the subdivision is in if it is a common name. Example: *Imperial Point* City = Seminole & City = Largo.
  2. If dealing with Sellers, use the term "Relevant Properties" rather than "Comparables". Sellers will often object to the term Comparables - "that's not comparable to my property.
  3. Include Expired and Withdrawn homes/condos as well as Sold. Expireds and Withdrawn show you what the market "rejected" - aka what is too high a price.

Buyer CMA's

For more "analytical" or numbers oriented buyers, a CMA may also be a useful tool to guide them to a realistic offer, or to relieve fears that they are not overpaying.