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Overview Of Buyer Lead Process

The video below is an overview of the steps that take place from the time a buyer starts searching on the Internet through their registration on our website and set up on our contact management system. It is intended to give you a good overall summary. Additional detail is provided in later sections.

Getting Set Up On The Sierra Backend

Getting Set Up in Sierra

Connecting Gmail to Your Sierra Account
Quick video about setting up your Sierra account. How to connect Gmail
Sierra Interactive App - Setting Up Notifications
Learn how to customize the notifications you get for new leads, showing requests, inquiries, and more in the Sierra App.
Buyer Lead Generation & Conversion Best Practices
Rich explains our best practice approach to generating quality buyer leads and converting those leads to satisfied customers.

Sierra Interactive YouTube Videos

Here are links to some helpful videos Sierra Interactive posted on YouTube.

An Overview of The Lead Dashboard

Sierra Status Code Definitions

Below are the definitions for the recommended use of the STATUS CODES in Sierra Interactive. By default, leads always start as New unless you manually enter them with some other Status Code. Note: You can right-click and Save Image As ... for local use. It may also be easier to read that way.

Sierra Status Codes Recommended Definitions

Everyday Use of Sierra

Sierra Backend Overview & Searches

Log In Sierra Backend
Logging in to the Sierra Backend
Sierra Daily Dashboard Overview
Overview of Daily Steps to take: Tasks, Emails, Saved Searches
Saved Searches
Hints on how to do Saved Searches for leads
Saved Searches - How To Search for Waterfront
How To Search for Waterfront properties for a Saved Search
Saved Searches - Search for Beachfront Properties
Hints on how to Search for Beachfront Properties for Saved Searches
Search Tips - Finding Pet-Friendly Condos
Learn how to find pet-friendly condos. Be among the first to see new pet-friendly condos when they come on market.

Specific Tasks in Sierra

Following Up in Sierra
How to follow up in the Sierra Backend
Phone Calls
Checking phone messages and following up in Sierra.
Property Inquiries
Viewing and following up on customer property inquiries in Sierra.
Texts in Sierra
Checking text messages and responding in Sierra.
Email in Sierra
Managing customer emails in Sierra.
Task Management
Setting tasks for important events and following up.
Sierra Interactive App - Setting Up Notifications
Learn how to customize the notifications you get for new leads, showing requests, inquiries, and more in the Sierra App.
Create & Use A Watch List
Create a Watch List for leads that have a special request so you can keep them in mind and follow up with them later.
Claiming A Lead From The Lead Pond
Extra leads are distributed to agents via Lead Ponds and Notifications in the Sierra mobile app. This video shows the process of getting a Notification in the Sierra app, and Claiming the lead.
Closing A Buyer Transaction In Sierra
Key steps to closing out a Buyer transaction in the Sierra backend.

Stopping Sierra Interactive Campaigns

This applies to both Drip & Action Plans

Stopping campaigns to a lead is easy:

  1. Go to the lead in the Sierra backend
  2. In the bottom left corner go to the COMMUNICATION PREFERENCES V section (2nd from bottom) - See the screenshot below
  3. If the box isn't open, click on the V symbol, and the options will be displayed
  4. Slide the tabs to the left for the top two choices
    1. Marketing Emails (the i symbol to the right will display details on what this does)
    2. Text Messages (the i symbol to the right will display details on what this does)
    3. If you want to stop E-Alerts/Market Updates and Property Notifications, the next two tabs will do this. But we generally keep these running unless we know they do not want any communications at all. If that is the case, we'd probably also mark the lead JUNK
Stopping Sierra Campaigns

Auto Searches For Multiple Emails

Buyers would sometimes like to get the Auto Searches delivered to two emails. Below is the process in Sierra to do this:

1). If you want to send to two emails make sure there is a secondary email on the lead detail page.

Add Second Email

2) Once there are two email addresses, scroll down to the Other Preferences section. This is where you can turn on the CC secondary email on listing alerts. (The option will not appear until the 2nd email address is entered)

Change Preferences

Follow Up

Personal follow-up is a key skill in converting buyer leads to closed transactions and lifelong customers. 

Suggest Listings In Sierra

One important touchpoint in following up is sending specially curated listings with a personal note. This video covers one of the ways of doing that directly in Sierra Interactive through the use of the Sierra Suggest feature and Sierra email.

Common Lead Emails & Sierra Template Replies

There are some very effective follow-up templates that we have created in Sierra. We recommend using these templates whenever you can. You can make adjustments if you need to. But these templates have proven to be effective and using pre-done templates will save time and reduce errors.

Category Name Template to Send Notes
Feedback - Just Looking 4. Just Looking/Not Ready to Buy Set searches to weekly. Can insert link to current search updates.
Request - General Inquiry/More Info Request 1. More Info Request Add in HOA or listing details. Ask if they have specific questions.
Request - Property Showing Request 2. Showing Request Try calling to confirm/set up first. Then send email follow up
Buyers Request 3. Buyers Request Set up search accordingly. Enter in link for saved search.
ReadyChat 32. "ReadyChat" Set up Search accordingly, answer questions, enter in link to listing options, ask a question
Request - Unsubscribe Request 23. Unsubscribe Mark Archive and stop all communication preferences
Bad Email N/A Mark Bad/Bounced email, Try calling, If bad # as well - Mark, Change status to Archive, Stop all communication
Rental 19. Rentals - VRBO & HomeAway Response (No) to property updates - Write "rentals" in summary. Archive. Stop all communication preferences
Looking in Multiple Areas 13. Searching Different Areas Set search as best you can
Feedback - Already Working With A Realtor 15. Working with Another Agent Write in Summary. Mark Archive. Stop all communication preferences.
Out of Our Service Area 31. Out of Area Not in Tampa Bay Area - Pinellas, Hillsborough, Hernando, Pasco
Request - Taxes And/Or HOA 7. Estimating Property Tax, 9. Insurance & Taxes Can find HOA and previous years tax info on MLS
Request - Pet-Friendly Condo 18. Pet Friendly Search MLS search for specifc pet weights for best results
Transfer to another agent 20. Transition to Another Team Member Reassign to area team member. Include quick message and include it on page.
Questions from Non Leads (Appraisers, Banks, etc) N/A Ignore if soliciting. Answer if asking a simple question or can guide in correct direction.
Seller Lead 6. Just Looking at Property Value If asking about prop value - set up market update, offer CMA and insert link to comps
Alias Registration 26. Alias Registration If vulgar - JUNK, stop all communication.
Realtor - Out of Town Realtor Looking for Property N/A Respond - happy to help. Check with Cindy if asking for referral fee


Using BombBomb For Video Messaging

The best way to establish a relationship with a potential customer is face-to-face. People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. But face-to-face meetings are not always possible. The next best ways to "connect" are a one-on-one phone conversation or a video.

We now have BombBomb integrated into Sierra Interactive. The 1st video below shows you three ways to use BombBomb within Sierra on your desktop.

You can also record a property video on your phone and send it via BombBomb. The 2nd video shows you this process. For this, use the Mobile Website Version - I don't think this works yet on the Sierra App. To login on your mobile device, go to:

After you send the video, add the following tag to the lead so we can track BombBomb performance: 
BombBomb - Personal Video Sent

Ways To Use BombBomb in Sierra

BombBomb Script
Here's a simple friendly script Morgan put together for following up on leads. Use this script to send a custom video message, or record a version yourself to send a pre-recorded version.
Using BombBomb For Video Messaging
Build better customer relationships with Video Messaging with BombBomb. With our integration of BombBomb with Sierra Interactive, video messaging has never been easier.
BIG - Show Customer's Name At Beginning of BombBomb Videos
Install this app and show the customer's name at the beginning of your personal videos. This technique has proven to increase email open rates and conversions.
Using BombBomb For Property Videos
You can use BombBomb via the Sierra Mobile Website to send videos you take on your phone to customers or prospects. Watch the video below and then log into the Sierra Mobile Website backend at

Texting - Insert Listing To Text

Learn how to insert a Listing(s) into a text message to a buyer or lead. Really simple to do using the MLS number(s).

Note: He doesn't show it in the video but you would probably want to actually type in a short personal note and a quick call-to-action.


How To Close A Transaction

Below are the general steps associated with closing a Buyer transaction. Every transaction is a little different, but this is an overview of the key steps.

What To Do After A Closing
Events and Tasks Team Agent
At Closing
Tell buyer/seller how much we'd appreciate an online review
Bring keys etc to closing. Affix keys to team keychain
Take gift if you plan to give one
Drop Cindy's Check off at any of the beach Coastal offices and Email Cindy to let her know which office her check is at; Copy Admin on email.
Google Review
IF you are sure they will give us a 5 Star review:
On Closing Day or no later than the next day, send an email asking for a Google Review. Use the Sierra email template. You can add appropriate comments but be sure to use the correct link to Google

If you aren't sure they will give a 5 Star review, DO NOT SEND email request for review.
Follow up 3x for Google Review
Send handwritten note to buyer
Sierra Updates
To Dos In Sierra
Mark Status as CLOSED in Sierra
Add Tag in Sierra for
Sphere A+, A, B or C Sphere status
Enter sale price, address, etc. as part of the status change
Set up monthly Market Report for the buyer
If it was a condo, use the condo
If it was a house use Subdivision if it is a good size SD, or else use area and similar size property
Indicate if this is mailing address. If not, make sure you have a good mailing address for the buyer.
Set task reminder for 1 year follow up for agent
1 Yr Later - Call, BombBomb, Text, or Email Buyer Happy Anniversary

Key Steps In Sierra

Karin Carr - Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Being Comfortable on Camera

Karin is a successful real estate agent in Savannah Georgia. She and her team get the majority of their leads from simple YouTube videos. Here is a video she did about Being Comfortable on Camera.


Tips For Taking Videos

Customers love videos! Here are some tips for getting started and taking better videos. Always take your videos by holding your cell phone in Landscape (Horizontal) mode.

Tips On Setting Up Your iPhone and Taking Better Videos

Setting Up Your iPhone for Video
Tips on setting up the right resolution and frame rate on your iPhone for shooting videos.
Tips on Panning While Shooting Videos
Some tips on panning horizontally and vertically to get more engaging video shots.
Upload Videos from iPhone to Google Drive
Quick tips about how to upload videos from your iPhone to Google Drive and share it with other team members. This was shot on an iPhone but Android operation should be similar.


Tips On Taking a Property Videos

Prepare the Property

  1. Turn on all lights before starting video
  2. Open all doors including patio/outdoors before you shoot the video- “sell a lifestyle”

Prepare yourself and your phone

  1. Set to 1080P resolution
  2. Eliminate unnecessary sounds
  3. Take off your shoes - silent steps
  4. Turn phone on silent
  5. Try not to breathe too close to your phone - No Darth Vader tours :)
  6. Take the video horizontally
  7. Hold phone steady as possible

Taking The Video

  1. You can create your own stabilizing gimble by keeping your elbows firmly tucked to your waist. It really helps to ease the wobbles LOL.
  2. Pan slowly across the room -not snapping their necks but not boring them to death either :-)
    1. It is super helpful either live or as a recording to always remember to pan SLOWLY up and down at the building for exterior and in each room for interior etc. The camera can only capture what the screen is pointing at so flooring type/ceiling, finishes/ceiling fans etc. can quite often get missed.
  3. Try not to state the obvious - be descriptive
    1. “This is a 16 ft saltwater pool that reaches 6ft deep” instead of “There's the pool”
    2. “The master is 15x20 and has these amazing sliders to the patio” instead of “Here is the bedroom”
    3. “This kitchen has beautiful glass backsplash with granite counters and GE appliances” instead of “Kitchen with top of the line appliances”
  4. Sell the lifestyle! Think about taking short videos a couple of the best things nearby or at least mention them.
  5. Do a "Call To Action" the end. 
    1. Just as an example: "This is Jane Doe with Coastal Properties Group. I hope you enjoyed the video :-) Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way!
  6. Just have fun, be confident and be yourself!

Upload The Video

  2. Send an email to Rich letting him know the video has been uploaded


Uploading a video from your phone to Google Drive

How to upload and share a video.


Voice Recording on Your iPhone

Sometimes you might take a video in a noisy place, or you just need time to collect your thoughts for a narrative. Doing a "voiceover" is a great solution. You just do a voice recording that is timed to the original video. Then, using video editing tools, we can combine the video and new audio together for a better video experience for the viewer.

Here is a quick 2 min video on how to do a Voice Recording on your iPhone.


Voice Recording on Your Android/Samsung

Sometimes you might take a video in a noisy place, or you just need time to collect your thoughts for a narrative. Doing a "voiceover" is a great solution. You just do a voice recording that is timed to the original video. Then, using video editing tools, we can combine the video and new audio together for a better video experience for the viewer.

Here is a quick 2 min video on how to do a Voice Recording on your Samsung or another Android phone.


Transcriptions of Voiceovers

We get the Voiceovers transcribed to add accurate Closed Captions to the videos. To improve accuracy, we can include text list of words that might not be obvious or familiar to the transcriber.... for spelling and caps

Like Dunedin, St Petersburg, Coastal Properties Group, proper noun names like Weaver Park...

When you send your voiceover please send a list of these kinds of words or phrases when you send the voiceover in the email.

Format like:
St Petersburg
Coastal Properties Group
Weaver Park
Boca Ciega Park

You don't need to go craze and list every word... just the ones an out of town person probably wouldn't know.

Using Google Meet For Screen Sharing

Google Meet is a simple way to share your screen with customers, leads, or colleagues. Learn how to use it in this video.

Whitelist A Sender In Gmail

Sometimes emails can go to your Spam folder even when you don't want them to. Whitelisting an email address ensures that emails from a particular sender or "domain" do not go to your Spam folder. The process is described in this short video.

Quick CMA In Google Sheets For Buyers

A Competitive Market Assessment (CMA) is a useful tool for dealing with Buyers as well as property Sellers. This video is about a simplified way to create a spreadsheet to help determine and communicate an estimate of a property's value.

By grouping all the Sold Properties together in a group by rank order of sold price, you can often see patterns and get a better idea of how the property you are analyzing compares to what has sold. You may want to print a PDF version at the end of your analysis to email to your prospective buyer.


Zip Code Map

Zip Code Map of Pinellas


Business Cards

We can get you a PDF for your Business Cards

When we send you the PDF you can have them printed locally if you want or we like to do ours mail order from GotPrint.


Here are some resources you may find helpful

Sierra Interactive (Our "Backend" or CRM)

Also, you can call or email Sierra help if you need to discuss something. If emailing, be specific and include the website name and screen shots when you can.

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 502-410-3050

My Florida Regional MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

Tech Support (800) 686-7451
[email protected]

Pinellas Realtor Organization PRO

Help Desk: 727 344 7767 to verify education requirements