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Creating Saved Searches For Agents

Creating Saved Searches is one of the most important things we do to help our visitors and turn visitors into satisfied customers.

Agents Who Need Saved Searches Created

You'll be doing the Saved Searches for:

  • Cindy
  • Heloise
  • Maria
  • Michele

This video explains how to do that as well as when and how to mark leads for deletion.

Creating Saved Searches for Agents

Written Outline

  1. Review of Lead Info

    1. Name

      1. Clear alias - Email 26. Alias Registration

      2. Obvious miss spelling/ Symbols - Edit

      3. Vulgar alias - Mark JUNK to be deleted and stop all Communication Preferences

    2. Phone Number

      1. Obvious bad number - If not already marked - select “Wrong Number”

      2. If wrote in “do not contact”/ “wrong number” - Change accordingly

    3. Email

      1. Bounced - Should be auto noted, but mark “Bad email/Bounced” if not

      2. Clear typo error - Edit

    4. History/Past communication

      1. Check HISTORY feed on Summary page for: buyers requests, ReadyChat, text response, etc

      2. Favorite (Star) important info/replies from lead

      3. Note Search preferences and important info in SUMMARY section under lead name.

    5. All Bad Contact Info

      1. If bounced or invalid email address - try calling to make contact

      2. No phone reply or bad phone number too - Mark status ARCHIVE and stop all Communication Preferences

    6. Action Plan & Drip Campaign

      1. Make sure the Action Plan and Drip Campaign are active for new leads

      2. If lead responded or made contact - stop Action Plan if it is not already been auto-paused

    7. Appropriate Agent 

      1. Lead assignment is based on landing pages when leads register to our website - Shown under OVERVIEW on lead page - Not always what they end up searching for

        1. After confirmation from current agent - Reassign lead if mostly looking in a different team members “area of expertise.” 

          1. Cindy - Clearwater Beach to Tierra Verde, Downtown St. Pete

          2. Heloise - Indian Rocks, Indian Shores, Belleair

          3. Michele - Dunedin, Clearwater mainland, Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor

          4. Maria - Largo, Seminole

          5. Christi- Tampa, Oldsmar

          6. Morgan - St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Downtown St. Pete

        2. To Reassign → Under lead name → Agents → Reassign button next to Agents name will appear after hovering over → Select Reassigned agent → Add message with search area/reasoning → Check Notify “losing” agent → Select Reassign

  1. Research Search History

    1. Review Property Analysis Graph on Summary Page

      1. Scroll through → Price, City, Zip, Sq.ft, Prop. Type, Beds

    2. Review Data chart, Landing page, Tags on Summary Page

    3. Browse History on Summary Page- if any correspondence about criteria

    4. Select Properties Tab

      1. Examine properties viewed

    5. Deduct lead’s average search criteria → (ex. 2bed Condo in 33767 Waterfront under 500K, water-view, pool homes, 55+, etc) 

  1. Edit Saved Searches

    1. Select Searches Tab

    2. Review current search to see if they are clicking on listing updates

      1. If yes - can keep with current search 

      2. If no - select pencil icon under Actions to edit or X icon to delete and start from scratch

    3. + Create E-Alert button - top right to select favorite search or start creating new custom search

      1. Favorite Searches

        1. Select magnifying glass icon to type and search titles

        2. Most Popular searches used:

          1. 55+ Pinellas Condo Communities

          2. Areas near beaches - condos

          3. Beach Area Beachfront Condos - Clearwater to Tierra Verde

          4. Beach Area Condos - Clearwater Beach to Tierra Verde

          5. Beach Area Condos under  $300, $500, $750

          6. Beach Area Waterfront Condos - Clearwater to Tierra Verde

          7. Belleair Homes for Sale

          8. Clearwater Beachfront Condos

          9. Clearwater Beach and Sand Key Waterfront Condos

          10. Dunedin Homes

          11. Largo/Seminole Homes

          12. Middle Beach Condos - Indian Rocks to Madeira Beach

          13. Seminole Homes under $300

          14. St Pete Beach and Treasure Island Beachfront Condos

          15. St Pete Beach and Treasure Island Condos, under $300,$500

          16. St. Pete Downtown Condos

          17. Terrace Park of Five Towns 55+

          18. Town Shores of Gulfport

      2. Start from scratch 

        1. Select Create Saved Search is MFRMLS3

    4. Define the Search

      1. Search Name

        1. Title to best describe search

        2. Should include: Area location, Property type, Price max

        3. Add to personalize: #of bed, Waterfront/view, Pet-friendly, Condo community name

        4. Examples

          1. 2+ Bed Clearwater Beachfront Condos under $800,000

          2. Pet-Friendly Beach Area Condos under 500K - Clearwater to St Pete Beach

          3. 3+ Bed Homes under $500K - Seminole

          4. Water View Town Shores of Gulfport Condos

      2. How Frequently Should Alerts be Sent?

        1. Auto populates - daily

        2. Change to twice per week, weekly, twice per month or monthly if a timeline is mentioned by the lead

      3. Include Listings

        1. Auto populates - MLS only, Active: Keep

      4. Property Type

        1. Auto populates - Residential

        2. Select property type 

        3. Most Common 

          1. Condo-Hotel

          2. Condominium

          3. Single Family

          4. Townhouse

          5. Villa

      5. Location

        1. Search by: Area, City, County, Subdivision, Zip, School Names, Body of Water, Map

        2. Most Common

          1. City - Ex. Clearwater Beach, St Pete, Largo, Madeira

          2. County - Pinellas

          3. Subdivision - Ex. Five Towns, Crescent Beach Club, Lands End

          4. Zip - Ex. 33767 = Clearwater Beach, 33701 = Downtown St Pete

          5. Map - Draw search area

            1. “zoom and center on your search area.” 

            2. Then click the yellow box at the bottom of the map.

            3. Click points to start creating area

            4. Click End Drawing when finished

            5. Click bottom yellow bar if you want to start over

      6. Search Criteria

        1. Select options by clicking Min-Max boxes to see drop down of search options or type in amounts

        2. Most Common

          1. Price Range

          2. Bed/Bath

          3. HOA fees

      7. Save Search or scroll for more options

      8. Common Extra Features

        1. Exterior Features

          1. Balcony - only when specified. Not always a reliable search option and can exclude matches. 

        2. Community Features

          1. Pool - Condo communities with pools

        3. Lot Features

          1. Waterfront - Condo communities or Home lots that are on waterfront

        4. Pets Allowed

        5. Senior Living - 55+ communities

        6. Water Frontage Type

          1. Beach = select Beach - Private, Beach- Public, Gulf/Ocean

          2. Waterfront - Bay/Harbor, Beach-Public, Intracoastal Waterway, Marina, Gulf/Ocean, Beach - Private, Gulf/Ocean to Bay

        7. Water View

        8. Water View Type

          1. Beach = Bay/Harbor - Full, Beach, Gulf Ocean- Full

          2. Add Intracoastal if no beach preference

        9. Pool - Single Family Homes only

        10. Floor Number - No 1st floor - Select all but (1)

        11. Minimum Lease Period

          1. For those looking wanting an investment property they can rent out.

          2. Short term: Select 1-7 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1month, No Minimum

        12. Pet Size Limit - Search based on max allowed pet weight

      9. SAVE SEARCH

    5. View search results

      1. Under Actions: Select blue box with arrow icon 

      2. Best to have 30-100 listing options

        1. Edit accordingly if not close

        2. Ex. Expand location to surrounding beaches, change from Beachfront to Waterfront/View

    6. If you edit search after 3 days of website registration

      1. Send full list of matching options to new lead

        1. Actions - Envelope Icon

        2. All Matching Listings

        3. Send

  2. Continue to next lead

    1. Top Right - Lead x of x - Arrow