Below are some training videos and quick tips. The information is generally in the order they should be viewed.

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Overview Of Buyer Lead Process

The video below is an overview of the steps that take place from the time a buyer starts searching on the Internet through their registration on our website and set up on our contact management system. It is intended to give you a good overall summary. Additional detail is provided in later sections.

Logging In To Sierra ON Your Laptop Or Desktop

First, copy and paste the link below into your browser:

Website -

Username - Enter Your Username

Password - Enter Your Sierra Password (Note this is case sensitive)

This takes you to the "Backend" of the Sierra system where you will have access to the Contact Management System (CRM), leads, blogs, task manager, etc.



Log in On Your Phone and Mobile Devices

Use the same process to log into the Sierra backend on your mobile phone or any other mobile devices you plan to use. There is not a Sierra app, but the backend is very mobile friendly and pretty easy to use on your mobile devices.

Bookmark the Backend site on your phone for easy access.


Visit and Sign Up

It's good for you to experience the site and notifications as a customer would. So visit the website without your Admin login and view it, sign up when prompted, and use it like you were actually searching for a property.

    1. So sign out of your Sierra account, or use an Incognito window in Crome or open up a different browser (if you are using Chrome, go to Safari. Firefox, Edge, etc)
    2. Visit (not
    3. Use the website like you are a customer looking for a condo or home (or both).
    4. When you are prompted sign up with a personal email. Use the word TEST in your name (like JohnTEST DoeTEST) so it will be easy to find and remember. If you have a family phone for someone who doesn't mind getting Texts or calls from the system use that so you can see what the texts look like.
    5. Use it as you would if you are a customer.
    6. Periodically check that personal email to see what you are getting and the registered phone too.
    7. Later, log into Sierra Backend again and take a look at your record.
    8. Now you'll have a better idea of the customer's viewpoint.


Daily Checklist

Here is a daily checklist of things to do. There may be other specific projects that you are working on, but these are the recurring things you'll probably be doing every day.

In your Admin Gmail and Sierra login:

  1. Check your [email protected] Gmail first thing in the morning
  2. Check your voicemail first thing in the morning
  3. Check your Tasks in the Sierra Dashboard
  4. Check your Inbox on the Sierra Dashboard

Emulating Cindy:

  1. Check Cindy's Sierra inbox first thing in the morning
  2. Check Cindy's Tasks in the Sierra Dashboard first thing in the morning

Saved Searches

Set up Saved Searches for new leads for:

  1. Cindy
  2. Heloise
  3. Maria
  4. Michele


Weekly Checklist

You'll be doing these things on a weekly basis.

  1. Go to the Videos and Blogs to Post spreadsheet on Google Drive and select a video that has not been posted to Social Media. Select one to post 
  2. Download the video from our Google Drive - there is a LinkedIn version and a Facebook version with different formats
  3. Upload each version/format to its respective platform (LinkedIn and Facebook)
  4. Mark the video uploaded in the Videos and Blogs to Post spreadsheet


Monthly Checklist

  1. To Be Completed


For any closings

See the Google docs Closing Leads/Transactions on Google Drive

Watch The Video Below

Other Notes

  1. Enter the closing data from the DA on the My Florida Coastal Team: DA's spreadsheet - Note: There are different tabs for different team members
  2. Contact our team agent responsible for the closing and get
    1. Contact name and email address
    2. Final sale price
    3. Closing Date
    4. Sphere level A+, A, B, or C
  3. Look up the lead in Sierra
  4. Change the lead Status to Closed & enter the closing information for the property
  5. Tag the lead as Sphere level A+, A, B, or C
  6. Create Market Update in Sierra
    1. Create for Cindy's Buyers
    2. Check with Agents to see if they want one for their closings

Using Google Meet

Google meet is a great tool for online meetings with our agents or even customers when you need it. It is part of our Google package. The video below shows you how to use it.

Watch The Agent Training

Go to the Agent Training Webpage and watch the videos and read any other tips. You'll be doing many of the same thing so we decided not to duplicate the info in the Admin section you are now in.


MLS Join & Training

Sign up for the MLS as soon as you can.

Take the required training. 

Pay special attention to the classes on entering a listing. 

Tie your MLS to Cindy's

MLS Tech Support (800) 686-7451


MLS - Adding Photos Part 1 - Downloading Pictures

When we get a new listing a photoshoot will be scheduled, and the photos will be available on the Florida Visual Marketing website. This video shows how to download properly sized photos of the listing. The next video below shows how to then upload them to the listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 


Uploading Listing Photos to The MLS

Get from Morgan


Here are some resources you may find helpful

Sierra Interactive (Our "Backend" or CRM)

Also, you can call or email Sierra help if you need to discuss something

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 651-529-1222

My Florida Regional MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

Tech Support (800) 686-7451

Pinellas Realtor Organization PRO

Help Desk: 727 344 7767 to verify education requirements